Torrey Pines

Interview with Clyde Petersen

torrey_pines_header torrey pines

Clyde Petersen is one very, very busy guy. He is an indie animator, musician, and activist who lives and works in Seattle. He is currently knee-deep in an autobiographical feature-length animated film titled Torrey Pines, which he describes as “a stop-motion animated adventure film: coming of age with an undiagnosed schizophrenic single mother in San Diego in the 1980s.”

With a mother fueled by hallucinations of political conspiracy and family dysfunction, Clyde is kidnapped at the age of 12 and taken on a cross-country adventure that will forever alter the family as they know it.

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Message To The World

Original Video by Glenn Holsten & The Fresh Fly Lab

message to the world

A lovely summer night. A busy intersection in a big city. A chalkboard.

A few simple ingredients for an intriguing video.

Not too long ago, a video production team in Philadelphia set out to offer a chance for passers by to share their message with the world. The team had no agenda, and no one who participated was coached. On one side of the chalkboard we wrote a simple question: What is your message to the world? On the other, people wrote from their heart. It’s a big question, but very few people appeared at a loss for words.

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Child and Family Connections

Glenn Holsten Interviews Evan Kaplan

Child and Family Connections - Evan Kaplan

“What is the experience of being a parent that has a mental illness?”

Evan Kaplan wants to help people answer this question. After wrestling with his own mental health challenges and the needs of his young daughter, Evan founded an organization called Child and Family Connections, a non-profit in Philadelphia that is dedicated to supporting families living with parental mental health challenges.

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Happy Talk

Happy Documentary Review by Bud Clayman & Glenn Holsten

happy documentary

Happy is an aptly named feature-length documentary that leads viewers on a journey across five continents in search of the keys to happiness. The film addresses many of the fundamental issues we face in today’s society: how do we balance the allure of money, fame and social status with our needs for stronger relationships, health and personal fulfillment?

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