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Taking Care of Yourself with Mental Illness

Living with schizophrenia presents some complicated challenges. In the midst of paranoia, delusions and hallucinations, chores like doing the dishes or doing your laundry, and basic personal hygiene routines such as taking a shower and brushing your teeth become nuisances and ordeals. These basic tasks you have to perform to be a member of society fall by the wayside because they just don’t seem to matter at all when chaos is careening through your mind. It takes effort to do the things necessary to keep yourself, your house and your situation in good working order. But how do you “keep up appearances” when you are so focused on parsing reality from the outlandish things that your mind is telling you? There are several things that have helped keep me fed and clean and somehow able to pay rent every month, and hopefully some of those things may help you or your loved one, too. I realize it may be too difficult for a lot of people with mental illness to completely take care of themselves but, like everything else, it’s a process. I’ve only incorporated these things into my life after years of repetition and I still don’t have them down completely. Still, self-care is important, for recovery and also for general wellbeing.  read more…


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