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The Perfect Storm

By Bud Clayman


I came out to Los Angeles again for the first time in two years with much trepidation. But isn’t that what life is all about — facing your fears??!!!

Why did I come out here to push myself beyond what most people with my OCD and Asperger’s Syndrome conditions wouldn’t do? For starters, I’m motivated to succeed in life and overcome all my fears. I’m sure there are better and nobler causes but for now this where I am.

The second reason is I love Los Angeles and have “unfinished” business here.

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A Journey Within

Video by Glenn Holsten


Meet Monica. A strong young woman who was not always so. Her journey for self-acceptance includes rejection from church and family. At a very dark time in her young life she was homeless, suicidal and vulnerable. However, an inner drive to survive and live a life that was true pushed her through the depression, and fueled her search for a brighter future.

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Cancer, Depression, Anxiety & Reiki

By Leah Alexandra Goldstein


This is part two in a series by Leah Alexandra Goldstein. Follow this link to read part one, “A Choice.”

On April Fools Day in 2008 I got a phone call from my dermatologist in Baltimore who told me that the ugly freckle she’d removed from my left thigh two weeks earlier was a melanoma tumor. I was 20 years old.

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Rachel “Hollywood” Carr

Video Premiere


“I would not want to change my life, even all the negative and bad stuff, because it actually made me who I am. I wouldn’t change anything.” —Rachel “Hollywood” Carr

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