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Claire Eastham

Claire Eastham is an award winning mental health blogger living in London. She is currently writing a book about her experiences with Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks, published with Jessica Kingsley in October 2016. Visit Claire's website and follow her on twitter @ClaireyLove.

We’re All Mad Here: Claire Eastham & Anxiety Recovery


Come on, you can do this. Just keep it together. You’ve been practicing all night, you’ll be fine. Why haven’t they arrived yet? This room is too small. Oh God, it’s happening againHeart is racing and chest is tight. Why can’t I move my arms properly? I won’t be able to speak, I’ll faint. I’m going to make a fool of myself. I have to get out of here now.

This is the day I walked out of a job interview, moments before it began. I say “walked,” but it was more “frantic run.”  I really wanted this job.  But, instead of getting the job, what I got was a panic attack, the worst one of my life.  (more…)