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Don Woolridge

Don Wooldridge enjoys using his writing as a vehicle for taking readers back to their own roots. The Secrets of Clayton County, is a trilogy of fiction novels inspired by his life on the Mississippi river in Iowa. Don invites you to visit his website at and view the books he’s published at

A Lifetime of Secrets Living With Bipolar Disorder


“This is foolish,” my mother said. “There is no mental illness in our family.”

She turned to my wife. “Enough of this, let’s talk about the kids. How are they doing in school?”

I knew it. I just knew it. I felt her heartless tone in my bones. In 1973, my wife and I decided we must meet with my parents and explain why I was hospitalized. I wanted so badly to lie and say I had my appendix removed, and keep my mental illness to myself. But no, I had to seek my parents’ love and support for this scary illness. I didn’t even understand the doctor when he explained bipolar disorder.