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Leah Alexandra Goldstein

Leah is the designer and website manager for OC87RecoveryDiaries.com. She has worked on documentary films that have screened on Ovation TV, at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and on Netflix. She is a graduate of Smith College with a dual degree in the Study of Women and Gender and Studio Art with a concentration in Electronic Media. Leah is also trained as a Reiki master. You can see her work and sign up for her mailing list at imleahmoon.com.

7 of our Favorite OCD Twitter Accounts

While we love seeing diversity in mental health posts on Twitter — and that’s what we share at @OC87RD — it can be helpful to see diagnosis-specific experiences on social media. Today, we’re sharing a round-up of seven of the best OCD Twitter accounts so that you too can get acquainted with these smart, empowering, and engaging people and organizations who share our mission to #buststigma around mental illness.  (more…)

10 Moving & Powerful Depression Videos

OC87 Recovery Diaries produces and posts an original mental health video every month. The films we create cover what it’s like to live with many different diagnoses including schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorderaddiction, Asperger’s syndrome, and borderline personality disorder.

We’re always looking to other creators around the internet for inspiration as we seek to #buststigma about mental illness. This post is a round up of depression videos on YouTube that have us feeling educated, moved, and empowered to continue sharing mental health recovery stories.  (more…)

8 Mental Health Instagram Accounts You Should Know About

At OC87 Recovery Diaries, our mission is to bust stigma around mental illness. We share stories of hope, empowerment, and change across a range of life experiences and diagnoses. In addition to publishing new stories on our website weekly, we’re always looking to social media for other empowering stories around mental health.

Be sure to follow us @OC87rd on Instagram and check out these other accounts who inspire us daily in the mental health Instagram community.  (more…)

A Spiritual Solution to a Mental Health Crisis

spiritual solution

What to say . . . what to say? This is my story. Part of it, anyhow . . . because how can I tell it all? It’s just revealing itself to me. Slowly. Like an iceberg melting. Like the barriers around my heart, melting.

Last year I wrote about not knowing how to write about my recovery. Next I wrote about my journey with cancer, depression, anxiety, and how the practice of Reiki saved my life.

Time has passed, and now I’m ready to write another chapter of my story. I write it with compassion, knowing that my perspective on life will change as time adds new relationships and emotions and tools to my unfolding life. I hope you find a nucleus of recovery somewhere in my story that ignites a sense of familiarity to your own journey — the desire to survive, to connect, to live.


A Choice

mental health

I don’t really want to share any of this. I feel uncomfortable, weak, vulnerable, and afraid. My mind is like a pendulum swinging from, “I don’t have any problems and it’s a sham to pretend that I’ve struggled with mental health issues,” to, “I’m too crazy and now people are going to know and they won’t like or respect me anymore.” So uncomfortable, so rooted in stigma and fear.

mental health

In the most wonderful TED talk, Brené Brown discusses the concept of vulnerability and how the act of being vulnerable is the cornerstone of human connection and the source of true peace and belonging in this human existence. She explains that in order to experience anything good, we must allow ourselves to experience the challenges too — that we can not selectively anesthetize ourselves to what we classify as the negative — sadness, shame, discomfort — without blocking what we deem to be positive as well, which includes joy, pleasure, and genuine connection with other people.

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Sing Away The Stigma: Interview with Rachel Kunstadt

Rachel Kunstadt L to R: Performers Becca Ayers and Nick Cearley, Producer, Rachel Kunstadt

L to R: Performers Becca Ayers and Nick Cearley, Producer, Rachel Kunstadt

Coming May 21, 2014 to NYC is a musical theater event that uses real people’s journeys with mental health as inspiration. Featuring Broadway talent Nick Cearley, Brian Charles Rooney, Becca Ayers, and more, Sing Away The Stigma is sure to entertain, start conversation, and surprise audiences.

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