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Stephanie Sikora

Stephanie is an “In Our Own Voice” presenter with NAMI and uses horseback riding as one tool in her recovery with bipolar disorder and Asperger's syndrome.

Stephanie Sikora & Equine Therapy For Mental Health


My whole life I’ve wanted to be involved with horses. I actually was in school to be a riding instructor and horse trainer but due to my mental illness, I had to put that aside.

I was an antisocial child and very withdrawn. I just didn’t want to do anything with anyone else. I went to high school and college and that was another stress point because nobody thought I’d be able to make it through high school let alone make it into college.

I didn’t understand why I was different, why people were picking on me. Without the horse I don’t think I would have survived going through school. It was just a very important stage of my life to start riding.

Being with the horse helps with my bipolar and Asperger’s because I learned to use the body language of the horse. It’s a great method to learn social skills. I have to be connected with her and I have to turn off all the emotions that are within me. It helps to control my anger, my frustration, my anxiety.