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Get a sneak preview of content from some of our upcoming shows via a selection of brief audio clips:

Why this podcast now? OC87 Recovery Diaries on the Radio is the next project to come from OC87 Productions. Like its parent website, OC87RecoveryDiaries.com, the podcast provides a forum for thoughtful discussion of mental health issues and topics.

Through audio interviews and commentary, the podcast brings light to the shadow that so frequently enshrouds mental illness. Hosted by “Diaries” publisher Bud Clayman, and writer/editor, Laura Farrell, OC87 Recovery Diaries on the Radio confronts and challenges the stigma of mental illness.*

Clip of Bud asking Nancy how she copes with the loss of her son (Episode 5): On this episode about loss, Bud asks Nancy Willis, a clinical social worker, how she copes with the death of her son, Alex.  Nancy speaks to her experience of loss and the ways in which she continues to move forward.
Clip of Nancy speaking about loss (Episode 5): In this next clip, Nancy speaks about different kinds of loss.
Clip of Nancy speaking about “things happening for a reason” (Episode 5): In this final clip, Nancy says that she “doesn’t buy into things happening for a reason”, like the death of her son.
Clip of Laura asking how do we make humor out of dark moments? (Episode 6): Laura speaks about mental health challenges with Philadelphia comedians, Jacquie Baker and Robert Ecks. Ecks and Baker talk about the ways in which they turn dark moments into funny ones, and why.
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