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The Ridiculousness of Your Delusions

Living with schizophrenia, I’ve experienced all manner of delusions about the way I think things are, and the way they actually are. Delusions signal a break with reality and, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may be, delusions should immediately be addressed with a mental health professional. Delusions are almost always ridiculous iterations of reality. They are skewed perspectives on the way things actually are, and they can arise in any number of situations. Coming to terms with the ridiculousness of your delusions is a process of awareness, then unpacking and analyzing the delusion — testing it against reality. Finally, you have to accept the delusion for what it is: a strange construct of your mind.  (more…)

Mental Health Wish List

This year, we asked the OC87 Recovery Diaries team to ponder the following question:

What is your mental health “wish list” for yourself in 2017 — in what areas would you like to grow personally? And how will you make it happen — where will you look for inspiration and strength in 2017?

Here are our responses. Hopefully you’ll see a bit of yourself in some of our thoughts. Sending you warmest wishes for a healthy and happy 2017! (more…)