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A Nurse at an Inpatient Mental Health Hospital Tells Her Story


Here at OC87 Recovery Diaries, we focus primarily on stories about mental health recovery from the perspective of the individuals engaged in recovery. Sometimes, we shine the spotlight on the individuals who help folks along on that road of recovery—often, those are mental health professionals, like Christa Godillot. Christa is a Registered Nurse at Montgomery County Emergency Service, Inc. (MCES), a private, non-profit crisis psychiatric hospital, located in Norristown, Pennsylvania. For several years, Christa worked on the inpatient unit with OC87 Recovery Diaries editor Gabriel Nathan. Gabe recently spent some time with Christa, interviewing her about her career as a psychiatric nurse, and as well about how her past helped shape who she is today. We hope that you enjoy Part I of this two-part interview, the next installment of which will run on January 25th.   (more…)

Mental Health Workers Brought Together by “Our Town” Reunion


In May of 2016, dozens upon dozens of mental health workers gathered together at a cemetery in suburban Pennsylvania to mourn the loss of a coworker and dear friend, psychologist Israel Paltin, who had passed away from cancer. He was a giant of a man, painfully gorgeous inside and out, and as honest as his favorite catchphrase, “NO BULLSHIT!” The rabbi who presided at his funeral met with Israel a few weeks before he died, and the rabbi told us that Israel warned him that his funeral must be short and simple—“just the basic prayers.” The rabbi then added, with a wry smile, “No bullshit.” (more…)

Seeing Stars: Meg Hutchinson & Bipolar Disorder


Part One of A Two-Part Essay. Follow this link to read the second post.


My name is Meg Hutchinson. I’m thirty-eight years old. I’m a singer-songwriter, poet and recording artist on Red House Records. I’ve been living with bipolar disorder since I was nineteen years old, exactly half my life, but I didn’t realize it until I was twenty-eight. It took a complete breakdown for me to figure it out. (more…)