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10 Moving & Powerful Depression Videos

OC87 Recovery Diaries produces and posts an original mental health video every month. The films we create cover what it’s like to live with many different diagnoses including schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorderaddiction, Asperger’s syndrome, and borderline personality disorder.

We’re always looking to other creators around the internet for inspiration as we seek to #buststigma about mental illness. This post is a round up of depression videos on YouTube that have us feeling educated, moved, and empowered to continue sharing mental health recovery stories.  (more…)

Young, Black and Bipolar


I can’t believe that I made it 35 years without a single incident with the police that could possibly affect me for the rest of my life. But there I was, on my mother’s birthday, sitting in jail for an alcohol-induced physical altercation with my boyfriend. I knew I crossed the line and had allowed my mood swings to get the best of me. I ruined the romantic weekend that he planned for us by harping on something that happened almost a year ago. I was in a tailspin because of the stressful weekend that I had dealing with both my sons and my business (emotions were high, finances were low). I was a mental wreck and I knew it. He hoped that going away for the weekend would allow me to calm down and gather my thoughts — but I just couldn’t. My mind was a mess. Every little thing set me off and I didn’t want to play fair, so I drank the restaurant’s three-drink limit and everything I had been feeling came out verbally and physically.

I had completely lost control of my life.